6 tips to increase your visibility on social networks

visibility on social networks

This new orientation is mainly explained by the behavior of the consumer who today decides where and when to get information. This has caused a massive presence of companies on the social platforms used by their consumers.

The goal of a well-designed social media strategy is to achieve greater visibility on social networks to a few rare contents and mentions. So how do you stay on course and increase your company’s visibility on social networks? Without further ado, let’s see together what are these aspects to take into account to boost your visibility on social networks.

Work on your branding

Besides its presentation, the branding of your page is important for several reasons. As with your website, it is important that the branding of your social pages is in line with your business. They must attract and capture the attention of Internet users.

A well-branded page with the colors of your company allows the Internet user to be transported to your space. Finally, this contributes to a better harmonization of the graphic charter of your company, whether on traditional or digital communication media.

Share relevant content

The use of content is essential for companies. The watchword of digital communication is also found “Content is KING”. This is simply because without content cyberspace is empty. Anyway, back to Earth!

Taking the case of a website, would you risk putting a site without content online and distributing it massively to your customers and relations? Yet that’s what you’re doing when you leave your social pages empty. In this case, what’s even more striking is that you don’t need to do a massive broadcast to let people know you have a social presence. They will seek you and find you.

Make partnerships

If content is king, sharing is surely its valet. Affiliation is done more and more by companies today. The simplest case study is the strategy of influence which is done between brands, bloggers and prescribers who give visibility to the brand.

For your company, it is more relevant to affiliate yourself with brands that evolve in the sector of activity than you. For example, during its campaign to launch its beauty products in Senegal, the FACET brand had formed a partnership with 20 companies operating in the beauty sector such as OngleMania, Fabella, etc. Why this practice? It’s very simple, you reach 20 times more people and increase your chances of getting them to consume your product.

Use hashtags related to your sector

The hashtag is no longer to present. Launched by Twitter in its infancy, the hashtag is a keyword preceded by the symbol #. It allows Internet users to access content that contains said keyword. It was taken up very early on by all the other social networks and it is now becoming difficult to do without it in communication on social spaces.

Using a hashtag today guarantees your content and your brand greater visibility. However, take care to use a hashtag that corresponds to your sector of activity, used by your target and related to your publication.

Maintain consistency in your posts

Analyze your content and see if it provokes engagement from your followers and especially from the people you are targeting. Find what works best and optimize the rest of your posts to be in line with what your personas  want to read. The idea is not to repeat yourself with each of your publications, but rather to be creative while maintaining a certain consistency.

It is necessary to distribute content related to your sector of activity, but which interests all the stakeholders in order to generate the maximum number of visits. In addition, keeping consistency in your publications allows you to maintain your followers who will not hesitate to share your content with their network and one thing leads to another, thus allowing you to get closer to your objectives in terms of visibility.

Use advertising to a minimum extent

All the tactics listed above allow you to boost your visibility on social networks organically. However, in some cases, it is possible for you to use advertising. Nevertheless, it does not fall into a banal advertising system.Is it more followers or converting your leads over an offer?

The second option remains the most interesting insofar as it allows you to put forward an interesting offer for your target and to increase your chances of seeing your prospects click on it and like your page at the same time. You kill two birds with one stone.

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