5 Tips For Creating A More Photogenic Shop Space

Photogenic Shop Space

A modern shop space is one that isn’t solely designed with customers in mind but one that also considers social media. This is because social media has created a landscape of shared experiences, whereby individuals seek to capture and relay visual content with others for the purpose of creating exciting digital profiles. What this means for retailers is that by making a shop space visually appealing, customers are encouraged to photograph and record their experience in-store and then share it online, helping the retail brand to reach larger audiences.

To capture the interest and intrigue of shoppers, and then their social media following, retailers must design their shop space with the camera in mind. Decor and shop layout should encourage the capturing of moments and prompt customers to pull out their cameras. Here are five tips for creating such an interior design.

Statement Zones

A statement design is an element of an interior’s design that stands out with confidence, one that serves to communicate a message in a way more bold and eye-catching than elsewhere in the space. Retailers can create such a zone easily and have been doing so for decades with product displays. The modern twist, however, sees such displays curated as tableaus for photography.

A key feature of such zones is that they are well-lit, with soft and balanced lighting, ensuring that every snapshot is of good quality. A modern trend is to also feature a neon sign, one sculpted with a brand-appropriate message that can be passed on easily with every photo.

Dynamic And Modular

Keeping a shop space feeling fresh is a great way to generate continued interest, especially during a period when our social timelines move increasingly quickly. By embracing modular and dynamic shop spaces, those with easily adjustable retail furniture and novel displays, shoppers will be continuously encouraged to browse and never deterred from adding new images of the shop space to their profiles.

Host Pop-Ups

By creating an engaging experience, such as a retail pop-up event, shops can give customers a limited-time experience that celebrates new products or brand messages. These increasingly popular experiences create a massive amount of buzz online and are well-sought-after by retailers. As such, it is often recommended that retailers consider speaking to retail design and shop shelving installation services about how a remarkable and temporary shop space can be created in their shop space.

Colourful Lighting

The most important element of a photogenic space is the lighting. If a shop’s interior is not well-lit, its aesthetic, no matter how great, will fall short of being positively represented online. A great way to accomplish such lighting while also giving a space a visually distinct, even signature, flair, is to use colourful lighting.


Those taking photographs will often want to focus on certain products or designs. If this potential is compromised with visual clutter, they will likely forgo the photograph altogether. As such, retailers should seek to ensure that their shop space offers the opportunity to capture images against simple backdrops. This can often be achieved well with displays and areas dedicated to allowing products the space to be examined.

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